Three years of unDraw

An illustration of an amusement park of people having fun

An innovative community

UnDraw in unexpected places like a Manhattan store! Thanks to Hector Kolonas for sending this image.

A glimpse in 2021

  • Despite the natural urge to grow the collection, I will continue to perfect it with all the data I’ve learnt throughout 3 years of designing at a large scale. Making the illustrations even more impressive, versatile and most importantly, effective.
  • I always wanted unDraw to grow steadily and even slowed down the progress so it stands through time. After Adobe XD, we took another step by bringing a visual feedback collection to Miro. Now it’s time to think how and who will be able to continue it in a way that it maintains its openness and keeps helping creatives with their goals.
  • With all these going on and unDraw stabilized in a great course, I’m ready to revisit my personal work and in the process share a few tools we’ve developed and can have a similar impact on the creative community.

A huge thank you

  • A huge thank you to Farbod Saraf for being a vocal supporter and motivator for both me and Aggelos. Bringing unDraw to Miro was the least we could do for you!
  • To Thor, Leke, Phebian and Kris for testing the new unDraw back in January and providing useful feedback.
  • To Balaji Srinivasan who really made us think where this is going, was there to steer us away from bad decisions and helped us set new goals for our future.
  • To Quincy Larson whose offer to help and kind words really meant the world to me.




Illustrator • Fun at

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Katerina Limpitsouni

Katerina Limpitsouni

Illustrator • Fun at

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